Our professional staff is dedicated to provide students with a martial arts experience that will teach them a way of thinking and being that will help develop respect for themselves and others. We strive to help students maintain a calm and peaceful mind even in the most explosive of situations. ​Our instructors teach with the intention of achieving a mind and body workout; not just as a fad, but a way of life. Students will build self-confidence, respect for others and develop great self-defense skills in the traditional Karate fashion.


West Valley Martial Arts

2290 South Winchester Boulevard

Campbell, CA, 95008

phone: +1 (408) 871-8180

email: westvalleymartialarts@gmail.com

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COVID-19 UPDATE:  Due to current events, classes are being held online through the West Valley Martial Arts YouTube channel and virtual classroom with  Zoom. If you'd like to subscribe to receive our emails please contact us at westvalleymartialarts@gmail.com or you can call us at +1 (408) 871-8180.

Our school offers a well-rounded traditional Martial Arts program that emphasizes character development, self-improvement, and individual accomplishment. We teach the martial arts in the Japanese tradition, placing importance on respect and self-discipline. Our instructors mainly train within the Shōrinji-ryū style but draw from other arts such as; Karate, Daito-ryu Akijujtsu, Okinawan traditional weapons, Yang Style Tai Chi and Chi-Kung.