Sensei Dan, Senpai Lucas, and all of the teachers are the main reason we choose WVMA.  They are super fun, compassionate with kids, and incredibly skilled so every class is a blast for my son.  He is excited to come back and I love how much he wants to show us what he has learned at home.  We are proud to be part of this Dojo and highly recommend them to family and friends. We toured a few other places in the area but nothing compares to WVMA!


“I've looked into other martial arts dojos, and I have to say that West Valley Martial Arts is the best one around!  Sensei Dan relates to the kids at their level and is very encouraging to the kids.  Not only does he teaches them karate, he teaches them self-discipline and respect.  My son and daughter love going to karate.  They are always asking to go to karate after school."


"Sensei Dan Wakefield and his team are wonderful coaches. This was our children's first martial arts class. Not knowing what to expect and anything at all about martial arts, Sensei Dan took his time explaining to me what it is about and the exercises they do for students. My 6 yr old daughter who never had any interests in martial arts, she's hooked."


"My two boys started taking lessons at this dojo this year and I am very impressed with Sensei Dan, Sensei Sean, and their black belt students who assist them.  Even the senior brown belts help the lower ranked students.

What I really like is that Sensei Dan teaches the skills and tries to get the kids to understand what he is trying to teach them.  I took karate when I was about 19.  I learned katas and all the moves but I never understood what the moves (other than kicks and punches) were for.  Sensei Dan actually explains what the move is trying to accomplish.  He also teaches them jiu-jitsu and how to handle themselves if faced with a bully.  Real life situations and his first advice is to run away if possible."


​Both my daughter (age nine) and son (age 6) have been learning martial arts at West Valley Martial Arts over the last two years. I'm always impressed at the level of patience the instructors have here, especially with young children (and even beginner adults like myself). Over time, I've watched various students move up in rank. Invariably, they've changed from learning basics of karate (stances, power, spirit, breathing, etc.) and have developed into quite advanced and refined martial artists.

In watching my children strive to improve their katas, I caught myself encouraging/urging them on with suggestions for their techniques. Eventually, it dawned on me that I couldn't be a hypocrite any longer. I decided to try it out myself and a year ago, I signed up for the adult classes.

The adult classes are a diverse group with various levels of experience and backgrounds. Everyone that I've trained with here has been very supportive. Each night is different, but there is usually some mix of karate, aikido, ju jitsu, and even tai chi. I leave the dojo, deeply satisfied, knowing that I've worked out my body and mind. I've honestly never felt better.

We checked out plenty of other dojos in the area before we settled at WVMA. Some were way too strict and regimented, others catered to the other side of the spectrum where children ran amuck. At WVMA, Sensei Dan Wakefield and his staff have done an outstanding job teaching students great everyday lessons of respect for one another, stranger danger, having a positive mental outlook, and how to be confident with their abilities. 

If you are in the process of looking for a dojo for your kids or yourself, I would strongly recommend West Valley Martial Arts in Campbell for your consideration.